Bigg Boss 11, Day 63, Highlights: Bandagi Kalra gets evicted from the house


Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar sees Salman Khan introducing Katrina Kaif to the house through a secret room.

Salman shows her around and tells her that she can look inside the house and all the rooms, but interestingly the inmates won’t be able to see her at all. This gets Katrina all excited.

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar, Episode 63, Day 62, Highlights: Katrina Kaif sets the Bigg Boss 11 stage on fire

Salman and Katrina settle on a couch. The host of the show then makes a call, which is picked up by Akash Dadlani. Salman tells him he wishes to speak with Shilpa and then instructs her to take care of a special guest, who is about to enter the house.

Bigg Boss 11 December 3 Weekend Ka Vaar written update
Bigg Boss 11 December 3 Weekend Ka Vaar written update
Bigg Boss 11’s Bande Kalera out of the house in Weekend War

Love couple of Big Boss Season 11’s house broke today. Bande Kalra had to go out of the house due to low voter turnout in the winters of the weekend.

During the show Salman Khan in his own style announced the news of Punish Sharma and the bandagi going out of the house.

However, later he disclosed that Punish is not going to go out of the house alone. Punish started crying, they also insisted to go out of the house but the bandgi stopped them. Bandagi has promised to Poonish that he will come out after winning this show.

The closure of Punish and Bandi was not hidden from anyone. The whole time of Punish was spent around the Bande.


The World Premiere of Tiger Zinda Hai’s second song will happen, right here on Bigg Boss 11

Katrina Kaif has some very interesting questions for Salman

Katrina interrogates Salman on the Bigg Boss 11

Salman and Katrina Kaif engage in some fun banter

Katrina Kaif sets the Bigg Boss 11 stage on fire as she shakes a leg on ‘Swag Se Swagat’

Shilpa Shinde gives an open challenge to Arshi Khan

Vikas says that nobody should go to any extremes while performing the task

Bandgi Kalra tells Salman about her experience with the mirchi.

Arshi Khan questions why Shilpa Shinde didn’t take a public stand against Puneesh Sharma

Shilpa Shinde tells Salman why she didn’t take a stand against Puneesh Sharma.

Salman asks Shilpa why she didn’t stand against Puneesh’s behavior

Bandgi defends Puneesh in front of Salman

Salman Khan grills Puneesh Sharma as he tries to justifies his behavior

Even in sports, he has kept the bandage in mind only. This week Punish, Bandi and Love Tyagi were nominated.

Everyone felt love would be out of the house but Ghazal fell on the bandgi. The reason for going back to the Bande’s house was their turmoil with the rest of the members. They were on the target of the house for two weeks.




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