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Unexpected Benefits of Beer That Give You Good Reasons To …

Here are 10 reasons why beer is not really bad for you, if had in moderation. Please note, this is not an encouragement to imbibe, especially if you are a teetotaler or have a medical condition.Beer drinkers live longer
Moderate drinking is good for you, and beer is good for moderate drinking. Everyone knows that if you drink too much, it’s not good for you. Let’s not pull punches: If you’re a drunk, you run into things, you drive into things, you get esophageal cancer, you get cirrhosis and other nasty conditions. But more and more medical research indicates that if you don’t drink at all, that’s not good for you either.


 Beer increases your life expectancy
Beer increases your life expectancy

Good for your skin
Listen up ladies! Beer is good for your skin as it contains vitamins, which help in skin regeneration. Drinking beer makes your skin supple and smooth.

Lowers your blood pressure.
According to a study, moderate consumption of beer lowers your blood pressure. Beer drinkers (those who drink in moderation) are less likely to have high blood pressure as compared to those who drink other alcoholic beverage.

Wine usually gets all the credit as the booze that helps cut back your cardiovascular disease risk, but beer may be just as heart-healthy of a beverage.

Italian researchers found that moderate beer drinkers had a 42 percent lower risk of heart disease compared to non-drinkers. For maximum protection, keep your consumption to one pint—at around 5 percent alcohol by volume—a day, the researchers say.

Beer protects you from heart attacks.A research team at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania found that dark ales and stouts can reduce the incidence of heart attacks.

Atherosclerosis – when artery walls become furred-up with cholesterol and other fatty substances – is known to cause heart problems, but Dr Joe Vinson, a professor of chemistry and lead author on a 2000 study, revealed that beer can cut the risk of this disease by as much as half.Beer increases your life expectancy

Beer contains more antioxidants, folate, phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B than wine. These help boost your immunity, are good for your heart and bones, they improve your eyesight and even reduce your chances of developing kidney stones.

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